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There are soooo many reasons to celebrate for your Teens!
So many important milestones and with friends being one of the most important aspects of their lives
you are pressured to give them a Party that they can be proud to "show off"!

Moving on to High School!
Sweet Sixteens!
Bar Mitzvah!
and More!

The 16th Birthday is one of the most important Parties in your child's life.

They want to have the time of their life and impress their friends.
Give them a Party to remember at DDP!

If they say we look too "kiddie" just bring them down to check us out!
They WILL change their minds!!
The only reason you see lot's of little kids is because that's what we started out
until Teen Brothers and Sisters wanted it too :)

*Teen Parties are only available on Saturday nights!
This offers only 4 parties a month!! Do Not delay on your bookings!

Glow Party! ONLY $549!


*All of our Teen Parties are Glow Parties!
*3 Full Hours on a Saturday Night for up to 40 kids!! And you have the option of adding more time!
*We provide the Club Atmosphere, a very loud Sound System, & Glow Sticks!
*Professional Security, tables, chairs, table covering are included.
*You bring your own food & drinks.
(Candy is permitted, absolutely NO glass containers!)

*Your child brings their own Music & their friends!
*The Entire Facility is YOURS!
*And you can decorate like crazy as long as you have time to do so :)
Please note: At least 3 Adults must remain at the Party for the duration.

Add a Photo Booth! Currently Unavailable

Teens love nothing more than having their own Photo Booth!
ONLY $150!!
One full hour of their Party and Unlimited Prints!
Your Child gets a copy of every single strip!!! 

We have props but you can also bring your own. :)

Why do we have Security?


We provide security for a few reasons.
*To ensure ALL children have their completed release forms and invitations at the door.
*To make sure all kids are safe, at all times.
*To make sure the kids do not leave the Studio unless they are getting picked up.
*To ensure no one else tries to enter the party uninvited.
*To walk each child out at the end of the party.
*And of course just in case there is an argument.

Having security is a requirement. This is not negotiable. We want to make sure all of our kids are safe!
Especially for an older kid Party when we have limited Party Adults on the premises.