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Safety & General Rules and Regulations ages 2-13


The Party Host and Attending Parents are fully responsible for the safety and actions of themselves and the children.

This is an Atmosphere where the children are going to go a bit bonkers and that is OK as long as they follow the rules. These will be explained to them at the party. We do enforce our rules but you are also responsible to assist with this.

Safety: Parties ages 2-13

  • NO Pushing, shoving or hitting.
  • NO flips, kicks, cartwheels or anything else that involves feet flying wildly through the air.
  • NO touching of any equipment you may be able to reach
  • NO throwing of anything
  • ALL food and drinks must stay at the tables
  • NO Candy and NO GUM!
If they have some fancy tricks or major moves to show off we can make sure they have time and space to do so, so they won't hurt anyone.

For the Adults:

  • Parents please understand that any bullying will not be tolerated, anyone participating in this will be required to leave the facility immediately.
  • Adult:Child Ratio is 1:10 for age under 9. And 1:1 for any child under the age of two. Adults = 18 and over.
  • Please dress them comfortably and be prepared for them to get hot.
  • You are permitted to give the children items such as glow necklaces, bracelets, rings & tattoos during the party. NO items they can spin or swing around & nothing they can shoot or throw.
  • Do NOT allow any child under the age of two to be on the floor where attendants are dancing nor allow them to roam without direct contact of an adult.
  • Parents if dancing with your children PLEASE do not do anything with your child that may injure another child, flipping them, swinging them around and so on.
  • ALL food and drinks must remain at the tables.
  • NO Candy and NO GUM! 
  • Absolutely NO GLASS!
  • Children are NOT permitted to go outside of the facility without an adult.
  • NO Smoking anywhere near the building entrance or the walkway area outside it comes right into the building!! If you must, you need to go out to the parking lot or to your car!

We are using flashing and spinning lights if your child has epilepsy or any other propensity towards seizures they should NOT attend a Party, please consult your Physician for more information. In addition we use an intense amount of UV lighting so if you or your child has a skin condition that this will effect please contact your Dr before attending.