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Privacy Policy


Our Promise To You

  • Any collected personal information: Names, Birth dates, phone numbers, addresses, emails and so on, whether through this website or via waivers and contracts, will be protected. We will not sell nor offer your personal information to any third party.
  • ONLY in the very unlikely event that the business is sold to another individual, will we provide them with Parents contact information and ages of children ONLY. Your child's name and date of birth remains protected by us at all times. Exception: If you have a party booked for any time after the sale of the business your information is automatically included to a new owner. Number and type of Parties booked in the past are not considered personal information. Please understand that anyone that may purchase this business is doing so because of the success of it and that is only possible with the clientele list. It is the parents choice to share any additional information with a new owner. We never forsee this happening but the lawyer says we have to put it in here :)
  • Photos and video: All waivers for attendance include a release of photos and videos taken by us, for the use of marketing purposes of Dance-Parties.com, including but not limited to printed materials and website use. We will NOT sell nor offer these images to any third party nor will they be used for any purposes other than marketing Dance-Parties.com. We do NOT include any names or ages when utilizing these images. ALL personal information is protected at all times. Please understand that it is impossible to ensure exclusion of individuals within Photos and Videos. The focus is on the children as we are marketing Children's Parties but be aware that if adults are are dancing with the children they will most likely be included. We are Parents too and will protect your child's images as we would our own!
On a personal note as a parent: If any attendant is taking photos or video please respect the privacy of the parents and children. Do not include personal information, if displaying images in a public format, unless you have permission to do so by those parents. I have had this issue via facebook on a family member's "open to the public" page and it's just not ok with me and I know it's not ok with most of us.

Terms & Conditions


Party Terms and Conditions:

(Known throughout these terms: We / Us = location and party provider, You = Party Host, individual booking and paying for a Party)

1. To confirm your Party Date & Time a non-refundable deposit is required to complete your booking. Your final Payment can be made in Cash or CC at your Party. NO checks.

2. The maximum number of children permitted is 36 for the Glow Party. Children include ages 2-17. Any children under the age of  2 do not count towards the number of children. ALL infants, babies and toddlers, in attendance MUST be supervised at ALL times and not be allowed to roam around without an adult in direct contact. Parents and Party Host assume all responsibility for the children.

3. The allowed number of children per party is set, food is provided for that number of children (where applicable). If you are adding additional food for adults you need to confirm the number adults no later than 1 week prior to ensure an appropriate order can be placed. Your food order remains the same for the maximum number of children included. If less children attend the order can replace the need to purchase additional food for adults. This is your responsibility via your RSVPs.

Contract, Print at Home Invites and additional Release forms are available to download from this website. It is your responsibility to bring your contract with you at time of final payment as well as informing parents about the release form. Parents coming into the facility can sign one there. Children being dropped off  without a parent coming in MUST bring one with them. There are no exceptions to this rule. No waiver no admittance!

5. We reserve the right to refuse any Party request or to cancel a booking for reasons that our out of our control (e.g. unforeseen facility closures, dangerous weather conditions). We will not incur any liability from refusal or cancellation. In this instance only any payment made towards your party will be refunded in full.

6. Cancellations must be received no later than 7 days prior to the party date. If cancellation is made properly you can reschedule the Party at no additional deposit or fee. If cancellation is made after 7 days of the Party Date an additional $50 fee will be added to the rescheduled Party. If canceled within 24 hours a $75 fee will be added to the rescheduled Party. All Parties to be rescheduled must be held within 60 days of initial booking. If canceled with no notice whatsoever you have forfeited your deposit. All Deposits are non refundable, the additional fee for cancellations is added to the actual party fee and is not part of the deposit. (24 hour or no notice cancellations involving Medical Emergencies can appeal the additional fee by providing a medical document.) Dangerous Weather conditions are not subject to the additional fee policy and can be rescheduled at any time.

7. The Party Host shall ensure that all those attending, adults and children, comply with the standard code of conduct, rules and safety regulations. The Host accepts full responsibility for all those attending the party. We will not incur any liability for non compliance. We reserve the right to remove any individual from the facility that does not comply with our terms and safety, to ensure the enjoyment and safety of others.

8. Included food, drink, tableware and gift items (where applicable) will be set up by us prior to your time slot. However, any items provided by you can be brought in no earlier than 20 minutes prior to Party time slot and we will assist you in setting up.

9. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages are permitted. If cutting cake ONLY a knife/spatula designed for this purpose is permitted, no sharp knives.

10. Absolutely NO candy or gum is permitted within our facility.

11. Absolutely NO Glass.

12. Parents / Guardians must inform us of any children attending with food allergies no less than 7 days in advance of the party ONLY IF food is included in your Party Package. If you are supplying food it is entirely your responsibility to know of any allergies of your guests.

13. The required adult:child ratio is 1:20 ages 14-17, 1:15 ages 9-13, 1:10 ages 2-9 and 1:1 for 2 years and under. This required to ensure the safety of the children and will be enforced.

14. All Waivers include a photo/video release and is required for admittance.

Any questions in reference to these terms please do not hesitate to contact us.