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So you were invited to a Child's Dance Party! (ages 2-13)


AWESOME!! First you can expect them to have LOTS of fun and be exhausted when they leave!!

* Have your child wear whites, brights & neons, they WILL most likely glow and it is super cool!!
* We play only appropriate music! Meaning that the songs that may have bad words have been edited so that nothing is audible by the children.
* Be sure they are wearing comfortable shoes and have them dress prepared to get hot.
* If you would take a moment to go over the safety rules here on the site. We do go over some of it with them.
* VERY Important! If you didn't get a printed invite that has the release form on it you can download one from here. If you are coming with your child you can sign one when you come in. BUT if you are dropping off without coming in, your child MUST bring one with them! They CAN NOT stay if they do not have this release signed by you!
*Please pick up your child ON TIME. We have parties back to back and need the facility cleared at the end of the Party to ensure we can clean for the next one.
* If your child has any food allergies make sure you tell the Party Parent!!
We hope that you and your child LOVE Delaware Dance Parties!!!