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The best way to access and print these is to, computer-right click and open in a new tab or on mobile-press and "hold" for options then open in a new tab :)

Party Contract

A completed contract is required to host a Party at our Facility. Please bring with you or fill it out at the studio the day of your party. Please read through all Terms and Safety Policy.

Download JESTAN.pdf


Download JESTAN Terms.pdf


Download JESTAN Saftey.pdf

Release Form

The release form is required for all children ages 0-17. We have additional ones at the studio in case you can not print this out or forget to bring it.

**In the case of Teenagers, they MUST have this form or they can not enter the facility! You can come up to fill it out but if you drop at the door they must have it in hand!

Download Release JESTAN.jpg

Print at Home Invitations (includes release form)

PLEASE NOTE!! If you downloaded the invites prior to August 21st They have the WRONG Address! This one is correct!

Download Print at home invites JESTAN.pdf